Best 5 Pruning Shears Of Gardening Tools For Gardener 2023

There are many pruning shears brands in the market, but for best pruning shear, Normally we care most about the garden tools use effect, durability and comfort.

But there are other factors involved too. So That needs us to analyze from the following factors:

1. Pruner Blade Material : Durability

Each pair of shears has their specific qualities that will help in pruning your garden.

Many shears list the maximum thickness of branches they can cut.

Such as the shear with sharp blades that cross as you pruning, are best for green branches and stems up to a half inch (or more) long. We note that these limits are not entirely accurate as they also depend on the strength of the user's hand.

The pruning ability of the pruning tools also depends on the specific shearer, so be sure to check the product details before purchasing. If you buy the wrong one, you won't be able to finish the pruning job.

2. Type Of Shears

Before you buy gardening secateurs, you have to know the different uses of different products and find your own needs.

There are four main types of pruning shears: bypass, ratchet, anvil, and straight-blade.

Bypass shears are beneficial because they allow for a clean trim without damaging healthy branches.

Anvil pruners are better for dormant wood and dry branches, as they tend to break pieces of wood when cutting.

Anvil pruners are best for dead or woody branches, where dexterity is less important, while bypass pruners are best for more delicate, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing live plant tissue, including green stems, vines, twigs, and flowers. "

straight-blade shears make delicate cutting for flower arrangements, or your garden needs flower shears.

Ratchet pruners are similar to Avil pruners, but they cut the wood in stages, so you don't need to use as many hands to break the branches. This type is a great option if you have arthritis or any other hand mobility issues.

Each Pruning Shear is worth owning, as each serves a slightly different purpose in the garden.

3. Weight and product handle comfort

Some heavy-duty pruning shears from brands like Corona are made of high-quality steel, or titanium alloy blades, as well as Japanese carbon steel blades, which are more durable than stainless steel.

Generally good handles are made of aluminum or steel and cushioned with rubber or other protection for added comfort.

A well-fitting handle can help reduce hand fatigue when pruning thick branches or stems.

Many secateurs feature handles and ergonomic designs, while others are reinforced so that less stress is required to snip through plants.

For an added touch of luxury, some options even include fiberglass for durability or shock absorption for more comfortable gardening. Finally, since electric trimmers automatically trim branches and stems, these models often have rubber handles that are easy to hold and put little strain on your hands.

Using manual pruning shears requires a lot of repetitive hand motions, which can cause wrist and hand fatigue. Many manufacturers offer easy-grip handles to counteract fatigue; look for handles that are shaped and feel comfortable in your hand.

4. Budget

Depending on the brand and product quality, there are different prices added. Prices range from less than $15 to over $50, and we've noticed discounts as well as premiums for brands that vary widely in price.

If you're on a tight budget, there are inexpensive secateurs that can help you trim your branches.

If you want a better warranty, the material is strong and easy to repair. And you'll pay more for longer-lasting tools, and generally pricier trimmers come with better warranties, better materials, and easier repairs. If you need a longer lasting tool, it is recommended to pay a higher price for a good brand.


See our test pruners based on top selling models and recommendations from gardening professionals:


1. FELCO F-2 One-Hand Pruning Shear

These are bypass pruners with hardened steel blades and aluminum handles, the handles offer some comfortable cushioning due to the fact that they are covered with a red rubber material that improves grip

These trimmers are designed with a sap groove to keep sticky debris from accumulating on the blades, along with a thread cutting groove and a nut and bolt, these perfectly adjust the angle of the blades for extra convenience.

However, some buyers do complain that their trimmers are rusting.

Small hands can also easily fully open and close the trimmer.

An extension of your own hand, making it easier to lean into tighter places.

Green stems, vines, twigs, and not-too-hard or thick branches of garden shrubs can also be snipped off easily.


All parts of this trimmer can be replaced by buying its accessories, which can take better care of the shears, and the use time can last for decades of gardening use.

Felco pruners can be expensive, but their professional quality is unquestionable and will help keep gardening fun.

Because many trimmers are specially designed for the right hand.

Because of this, if you're left-handed, you need to make sure your trimmer is designed for left-handers so it doesn't complain.

Because it's not always easy to find good left hand trimmers, if you can't find one you may have to specifically ask your local nursery to order a pair for you, but it's time consuming and a hassle.

Felco has pruning shears that can be used by both left and right hands. A pruning shear specially designed for left-handed gardening and pruning friends is very attractive to left-handed users. We would like to thank Felco for making a Felco F9 Pruning Shears for all lefties who will be more comfortable with trimming plants and stems.



Professional quality

Adjustable blades

Durable construction

Comfortable handles

Strong, lightweight cast-aluminum body for long-term durability

Replaceable hardened-steel blade for versatility

Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning and maintenance

Extremely durable and easy to use



Top quality but expensive.


2. Corona Pruners

If your bureau's Felco-F-2 trimmers are really expensive and are looking for another in-store trimmer, we recommend this brand as it's only half the price of theirs at Felco.

While it's half the price of the other expensive trimmers on our list, it trims branches just as well

These trimmers are best for medium to large hands, as they are about 9 inches long and weigh 0.6 pounds.

Might feel bulky if you have small hands

Because they tend to splay wide, you need a second hand to hold them down if you have small hands.

The material is a forged steel alloy, and the blade is easy to resharpen if it becomes dull, making it a strong and long-lasting option.

Plus its non-slip grip trim fits comfortably in the handle. Live stems and branches under 3/4" are what they can easily cut

It has a tangent on the blade to cut through fine wire. Extra parts and repair tools are also sold on his website.

The handles of its scissors are also large enough and stretch wide enough to feel unwieldy for many people with small to medium-sized hands. But if you have big hands and a small budget, the BP 3180 scissors from Corona Tools are a solid choice.

The blade is also sharp and made of high carbon SK5 steel, which should hold an edge for a long time after sharpening.

The reason this model isn’t our top pick is that the BP 3180 doesn’t cut as cleanly on large branches as the ARS and Felco pruners, as the Corona don’t cut as smoothly and easily as users with small to medium hands will find them clumsy.

The scissors' plastic-coated metal handles feel solid, but they're not shaped or molded to fit your hands and fingers like handles on ARS or Felco trimmers.

It has straight handles with a slight curvature at the end, which partly explains why they can feel awkward if your hands aren't big enough to hold them.

A handful of reviewers have also complained that the scissors are prone to rust.



Eight settings for small through large hands

Coated to prevent sap buildup

Effective and clean cuts through most plant materials

Heavy-duty construction provides long-term use and durability

Budget-friendly price compared to other options on the market

Blades are easy to sharpen if needed



Locking mechanism is not conveniently located

Less comfortable for pruning harder or thicker branches

May be tricky to use


3.Fiskars Power Gear 2

These shears have rotating or rolling handles, it is ergonomically designed.

Move with the natural movement of your fingers as you work. Trimmers are easier for people with arthritis or weak hands.

The plastic latch on this tool is slightly above the level of the handle, and while gloves are better for using the trimmer, it can be annoying to use the product at times. The plastic body of these trimmers also helps keep them light.

The new design is attractive, but we found it a bit awkward to use because the handle moved in a way we weren't used to, no matter how often we used it. Or it takes a while to get used to the slight rotation of the tool in their hand as they open and close their fingers.

Even though the gear and cam mechanism are designed for an easier user experience, motorizing the trim is difficult because of this new design.

There is also a lack of smoothness when making cuts, probably due to the synthetic plastic gear material and movement friction.

Some gardeners say this trimmer is not recommended because it fails to deliver the innovative and easier pruning experience it promised.

But some gardeners have been using them for over 20 years and they still work. There are other Fiskars tools,

Don't want to switch to other gardening tools for pruning work now.

They feel the lock on the tool is so neat, it is on or off without locking while using other trimmers.


Suitable for heavy-duty use; precision-ground steel cutting blade

Low-friction coating prevent scuffs and scratching on the blade

Padded, nonslip grip prevents strain and hand fatigue

Locking mechanism prevents unwanted cutting and injuries



Slightly heavier than comparable options; may cause some strain with heavy-duty use

Users have reported manufacturing defects and poor quality

Get the Fiskars bypass pruning shears at Amazon, Ace Hardware

4. Niwaki Hand Pruners

These Niwaki GR Pro Pruning Shears are perfect for box pruning, pruning and other jobs in the garden where two-handed shears can be too large and awkward.

Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

Ideal for box clipping and topiary

Hand forged from high carbon steel

Robust spring and solid chunky catch 

Blades measure 110mm blades

Overall length 270mm

They're not great for hardwood cutting, but are absolutely essential for trimming small box balls and for larger trimming jobs that easily get into tight spaces.


The yellow grips not only look great, but if you put them down, they'll show up in the garden, and when fully closed, the tips cross a bit for years of use and sharpening.

Hand forged and hand finished, our 'Double Yellow' is the perfect combination of fine craftsmanship and everyday usability.

KA70 Carbon Steel has a mean edge, thick bottom grips and powerful springs for a reassuringly simple functional feel,

Ideal for keen gardeners, landscapers and professionals who work their tools hard and demand quality and precision in everyday use.

It's actually quite easy to apply, requiring only a light flick on the thigh. They feel comfortable, well balanced in the hand and cut all stems cleanly, and are easily recognizable by their durable yellow handles.


Available in two different sizes to fit medium and large hands. Includes replacement springs and comes with a two-year warranty.

Is Niwaki garden pruners worth the money?

These are expensive secateurs with only a two-year warranty, but we love them for their simplicity, quality and performance. They're durable and we think they're worth the money.


Niwaki, a brand that many gardeners have said is good stuff. They're really the right weight, and they're sharp, and they make your pruning a lot easier. They last a lifetime and they have a lovely spring mechanism in the middle that you can also replace if it wears out. The yellow color also makes them easy to spot if you misplace them in the garden.



Sharp carbon steel cuts through weeds easily

Lightweight design

Multi-use tool that can be used for preparing seed rows

Comes with a vinyl sheath for protecting the sharp blade



High Price.

Japanese steel is relatively more brittle and needs extra care (check the website below for more details on maintenance)

5. Shaper Pruning Shears


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